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Help Save White Lions

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Whether you recognize the value of conservation for endangered animals on our planet or are sensitive
to the deep spiritual meaning of the circumstances we are about to share with you, we are positive that
you will not remain indifferent to this calling.

In a small and remote area called Timbavati, located in the northeast region of South Africa next to the
world famous Kruger National Park, the most sacred animal on the African continent, and perhaps on
the planet, has re-emerged after centuries of invisibility. The first reported sightings of this seemingly
mythical creature occurred in the 1930s but were disregarded as pure fantasy. It was only in 1975 that
Chris McBride, an animal biologist, officially verified their existence through photographic evidence—
after his family stumbled across a miraculous occurrence — white lions with coats as pure as the whitest

Messengers of the Divine Emerge in Timbavati

African Sangomas (indigenous priests) have long-since recognized White Lions as the direct messengers
of the divine—embodying a sacred essence that balances our planet’s ecosystems, and brings true
leadership among living beings. White Lions are said to have been the first animals created on Earth
and the last ones to roar if our times were to come to an end. Significantly, the precise location of their
emergence, Timbavati, is in exact longitude alignment with the Sphinx, humankind’s oldest lion riddle.
(click here to read more about the spiritual meanings associated with the White Lions and Timbavati).

Needless to say, White Lions are among the rarest of animals on the planet and their survival is of
invaluable importance, not only for conservation reasons but equally for spiritual reasons associated
with the survival of our own species.

Tragic Fate

McBride’s magical discovery led to deeply unfortunate events, however—scientists mistakenly
concluded that the lions’ white coats meant they were mere albinos. They also erroneously concluded
their scarcity resulted from lack of camouflage when hunting, thus rendering them incapable of
surviving in the wild. Although this has been repeatedly proven false, all White Lions were forcibly
removed from their natural and spiritual homelands, into zoos and circuses, and most appallingly into
South Africa’s legalized canned hunting industry (click here to read about the canned hunting industry).
In canned hunting, White Lions are bred and hand-reared to be shot inside small enclosures by wealthy
trophy hunters looking for exotic wall hangings and stuffed trophies.
Astronomical figures are offered
for White Lion trophies (in one case $165,000) Today, along with zoo and circus productions, the
White Lions’ future rests in the hands of this barbarous canned hunting industry, Without any of them
remaining in the wild, their survival hangs in the balance.

Linda Reintroduces the First White Lions to their Ancestral Home

One person has committed her life to change such a tragic fate. Extraordinary circumstances led Linda
Tucker to dedicate her life to return the White Lions to their natural kingdom. (Click here to read about
Linda’s story). Along with lion biologist Jason Turner, Linda Tucker has worked incessantly to secure land
in the endemic place of their natural occurrence: The Timbavati region. Two prides of White Lions have
been reintroduced to the wild with great success on land that is secure and protected from the threat of
the canned hunting industry. Here the lions are proving on a daily basis that they are the world’s apex
predator, and their hunting skills are not compromised in any way by their radiant white coats.
As a
charismatic animal of profound symbolic meaning, their return to the lands of their origins is restoring
balance to the entire eco-system, and creating unity and harmony between disparate tribes and
peoples in the region. Moreover, the White Lions’ reestablishment in the heartlands of their ancestral
homelands is engendering hope and courage in the impoverished communities of this region.

We Can Defy the Canned Hunting Reality

The urgency is that, today, the new generation of these two prides needs more protected heritage lands
so that this invaluable and urgent conservation and reintroduction effort can continue. It is extremely
unusual for there to be any land for sale in the Timbavati area, but recently, an extremely strategic
piece of land became available for purchase and Linda Tucker and her team and her extended group
of supporters across the globe are doing everything in their power to secure it. Due to vested interests
from the hunting fraternity, government and scientific orthodoxies fail to support the value of such a
reintroduction project, and therefore all efforts depend upon the good will of lion-hearted individuals. In
the dangerously cynical environment of our times, we can only count on ourselves to do what we know
to be the right thing for our current generation, and for generations to come.

By the end of December 2010, we must raise a total of $800,000, a third of the total cost of the strategic
land that is for sale. Having run out of options, we are turning to the greater public for help. If you can
hear the calling from the White Lion cry and help with a donation to secure this extremely rare land on
their behalf, you will take part in nothing short of a sacred effort on behalf of nature and humanity at a
time of crisis on Earth.

Can we leave the rare White Lions to the grip of the canned hunting industry?
Can we ignore the White Lions timely return to our planet at a time of great collective turmoil?

You are our most important alternative. Any contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated.

With immense gratitude,

The Global White Lion Trust


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Urgent! Your contribution is needed to save the nearly extinct rare White Lions.

An extremely rare opportunity to acquire new land for the White Lions in their ancestral homeland of Timbavati is now available.

This is a calling to all of us who recognize the conservation and spiritual value of the reintroduction project. You are the only ones we can depend on!

We must raise USD $800,000 (1/3 of the total sum) By December 22 to secure this land in the coming weeks!

Any contribution is of greatest value.

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