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Rare White Lions – King of Kings – Return

White Lions

The Prophetic and Tragic Reality of the White Lions


More elusive than the African leopard, rarer than the legendary snow leopard of the Himalayas, and as white as the polar bear of Alaska, rumors of the existence of pure White Lions have existed in the African oral tradition for centuries. But there is only one place on earth where they have actually materialized—the Timbavati region bordering South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

While reports of White Lions first surfaced in the 1930s, scientists were not able to officially document their existence until 1975. It is not clear exactly when the White Lions re-emerged on our planet, but by all accounts, it happened only recently.

Timbavati on the Meridian of First Time (Zep Tepi)

According to indigenous knowledge, the White Lions’ arrival in this particular location and time is not a coincidence. Indigenous people across the globe believe that everything in nature happens for a reason. We live in meaningful universe, and the White Lions’ arrival at a location exactly geographically aligned with the primary sacred sites along the Nile meridian is part of a divine plan. The Nile meridian (31 East) is also called the meridian of “First Time” or “Zep Tepi,” or in other words the meridian where life first emerged on the planet.

White Lions on the Brink of Extinction

The White Lions were artificially removed from the wild because of a false claim that their white coat prevents them from hunting successfully. They became technically extinct for nearly two decades before the Global White Lion Protection Trust initiated a world-first reintroduction of White Lions to their unique endemic range, based on scientific techniques of social bonding White Lions with resident golden lions of the region. The reintroduction program is headed up by specialist lion ecologist, Jason Turner, who has successfully re-established two prides of high genetic integrity, hunting self-sufficiently in their natural endemic habitat. Marah was the first White Lion to return to her natural and spiritual homelands after nearly two decades of technical extinction, and these prides are her legacy. Aside from these two prides, today the great majority of all White Lions are raised in farms to be hunted as trophies or they reside in zoos and circuses.

An Extremely Unique Occasion: New Land is now Available for Sale in Timbavati

Timbavati is the ancestral home of the White Lions. Unfortunately, most of the land in this region is owned today by people who support the canned hunting industry. While The Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) has managed to secure a territory in Timbavati to reintroduce two prides back to the wild, there is an urgent need to increase the size of this territory for the reintroduction project to continue. It is extremely rare for land to be available in this region, but it has happened and now land is for sale. Because the South African government supports the canned hunting industry given that it is an extremely lucrative business, WLT can only turn to the public to help seize this unique opportunity and purchase the land. The organisation is relying on people from all walks of life to support the cause. You are who the White Lions can only count on!

Universal Balance

It is significant that the prophecies surrounding the White Lions correspond with the beliefs of other ancient cultures on other continents. The Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT)’s advisory council includes indigenous elders from other cultures and continents. One of the WLT advisors, High Chief Francois Paulette of the native Canadian Dene people, speaks of the time when according to a Native American prophecy a white bison calf will stand on Mother Earth. The white bison will have black eyes, black hooves, and a black nose (i.e. not an albino) and will come to deliver a warning that humanity is at a crossroads. Humankind will face chaos, disease, and destruction unless we unite spiritually. Like the White Lions of Africa, the White Buffalos of America are an icon of love and light, uniting nations at a time when peace urgently needs to be restored on earth.


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An extremely rare opportunity to acquire new land for the White Lions in their ancestral homeland of Timbavati is now available.

This is a calling to all of us who recognize the conservation and spiritual value of the reintroduction project. You are the only ones we can depend on!

We must raise USD $800,000 (1/3 of the total sum) By December 22 to secure this land in the coming weeks!

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